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Our Portfolio

Snazzo Productions is a full-service web presence solution for small, mid-size (and bigger!) businesses helping them serve their customers better and with more profitably. Below is a partial display of the industries we have worked in along with what type of application our client puchased. Click the next button at the bottom to advance the view and see all of our portfolio.


Nida's Thai on High Restaurant.

Nida's Thai On High

Nida's Thai on High in Columbus, Ohio is serves Asian cuisine and innovative cocktails are served in a modern atmosphere. Their menu features the best of Thai cuisine, with accents from Japanese, Vietnamese, and Western traditions. Nida's needed cost effective web presence that matched the design of their restaurant and gave customers contact information and a view of the menu.

Dental Coach Academy. Selling classes online.

Dental Coach Academy

The Dental Coach Academy features training and classes helping Dentists better manage their practice from accounting to hiring. DCA needed an online store featuring classes for potentially multiple participants per purchase along with the flexibility to feature regular merchandise. They also needed the ability to blast email newsletter using the attached customer database, which Snazzo provided.


CESCal - The Center for Excellence in School Counseling and Leadership. This web site is a complete document management application giving a traing staff the ability to review documents, comment, and communicate back to the submitter.

ESTR Publications

ESTR Publications

ESTR Publications needed an online store solution with a complete application backend to manage orders, shipping and invoicing. After its successful implementation, customers asked for online report generation and we delivered an effective solution, in the process made happy customers.

Polaris Neighborhood Chiropractic

Polaris Neighborhood Chiropractic

Polaris Neighborhood Chiropractic needed a place for customer to visit to get directions, a phone number and a better description of the services they offer. They were looking for a simple design and development process that reflected the Dr.'s and their store location.

Northeast Ohio Human Resource Planning Society

Northeast Ohio Human Resource Planning Society

The Northeast Ohio Human Resource Planning Society. NOHRPS needed a way to easily allow members to manage their own information, provide a password protected directory for members, a way to display the programs they offer along with integration into their existing registration system.


Think Plexus is an LGBT Chamber of Commerce based in Cleveland, but serving all of Northeast Ohio. Plexus needed the ability to edit the pages on their web site, manage their member and sponsor information and add weekly events with free and paid registrations. They also wanted new members and existing members to be able to manage their own renewals and personal information.