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Web Podcasting Services

A business may have content they want to share with customers or find that providing this information for free or for a fee, can drive customers back to their web site. One of many solutions includes podcasting, which is an audio recording available for download to play on a portable mp3 player or on a computer.

We provide end-to-end podcasting production solutions for audio and video, including location recording, voice-over, media hosting, and full web integration.

Whether you need guidance in taking your ideas from the drawing board to your podcast audience, assistance in developing opportunities from podcasting, consultancy and training to develop and maintain your own podcast output, we can help you.

The podcast production process begins by recording a brief opening and closing. Usually this is what is used with each future podcast. We either record the content with you or you can record it on your own and provide us with the audio. We edit and assemble the three components to create a single file. The next step is to alert listeners there is a new program to listen to. We do this by updating or creating a podcast rss feed for the podcast and then publish the documents to your web site server for consumption. This allows iTunes and other podcast “catchers” to see there is new content.