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Shopping Cart and Online Sales

Most web sites we build today are in it to sell something, whether it is enrollment in a class or a product you will ship to a customer. We offer a fully integrated shopping cart with your web site.

There are a few approaches to selling products online. Some customers only have a few products that don’t change very often and some have an extensive line of products that change frequently in stock levels or price.

If you only have a few products, we can create a static page featuring your products with an “add to cart” button that will eventually bring the customer through the checkout process.

If you have several products, we recommend adding a database where the product list and their “add to cart” buttons will be generated dynamically. This will give your business a very flexible approach to adding an unlimited number of new products in the future. Again it will guide the buyer through the checkout process.

Payment processing is part of the checkout process. If you already have a credit card processing company for your business, most have an online processing feature. If they do not or you need to sign up for a new credit card processing company, we can recommend companies and guide you through that process.

The payment process ends with thanking your customer and providing customized receipts matching your brand. All of these are essential steps of this process and we can help.