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Web Video Services

Corporate & Commercial Video
Industrial Video
Educational & Training Video
Sales & Marketing Video

- inform your audience about your products and/or services
- use testimonial videos on your site
- create engaging video presentations to engage your audience, inform them, and close sales
- use an interactive video application on your site that responds to user input, giving visitors video of just what they want
- create an online video business card, we'll design a business card sized cd that links to it, you can pass out just like a regular business card, but with audio and video
- create training applications that also result in more sales for your company
- grab their attention with stunning video that informs and educates and is sure to draw more visitors because everyone is talking about it
- appeal to a greater range of senses (sight and sound) in a memorable way, and they won't forget you

We Specialize in Video production for Web delivery!

Our customized video applications will engage and inform your site visitors. Imagine standing in front of your Web page talking directly to your prospective clients, 24/7. More and more companies are using video on their Web sites, because it results in more traffic and sales.

Imagine an online educational or training presentation with a teacher standing in front of a screen that features animations and video delivered in sync with the instructor's presentation. It saves time and costly man hours, providing an archived version of a course or training session that can be accessed any time of day, without any more investment of time or money.