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Web Application Development

A Web application is constructed upon three tiers: User Interface, Business Logic and Data Services. The user interface is the look and feel of the web site with a primary purpose of guiding the user through the process and making lateral movement through the application easy. The business logic is the middle of the application that is essentially the rules of the process the user is going through. The data services provide the connection to the sources of data writing and retrieval.

A web application can provide a small plug-in of functionality, like storing employment documents online for potential employees to download. Or maybe a complete process within your business operations, like processing an online order, emailing a receipt to the buyer, notifying shipping and providing a suite of sales reports for your analysis.

Snazzo can provide operational solutions to help make your business more efficient while considering the return on your investment. We provide the complete offering from the database design and administrative area for your employees, to the user interface design and web site deployment.

Snazzo has developed and designed the following web applications and components:

    • Complete backend development with administrative area
    • Database design and implementation
    • Streamlining business process with applications
    • Web Services
    • Online ordering, shopping carts, credit card processing