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Web Site Design

Designing a web site starts with a standard process of questions for every client. However, each experience is different and it takes a full understanding of the business concept and operational processes involved in the business. A web site can help a business in terms of presence, sales and operational efficiency.

Does your business just need a few pages to provide a web presence?

Does your business want full control over editing every page of the site?

Will you have products to sell online?

Are there modules we can create on your site to help streamline business operations?

During our discussion we will answer these questions bolstered by examples from other designs we have in our portfolio. We want your web site to actually do something for your customers. We have five stages during the development process as part of every web site and web application.

Stage 1: Website planning

This is the heart of the process. Here we define and establish framework/specifications for your project. We will work with you to sketch out a design (or multiple ones if needed). At this point, a suitable domain name is discussed and then registered for you. For mid to large websites and custom development, a proposal will be created for you. At this stage, you will want to begin planning your website into your marketing plan.

Stage 2: Website creation

Our team of web developers go to work for you bringing together necessary visual and informational technologies to get the job done. Our expertise in a wide variety of areas mean no project is too hard or too complex for us to tackle.

Stage 3: Initial site review

Once our team has completed a first draft, we will contact you to have a look at it. Most, if any, changes needed to the first draft are made at this stage.

Stage 4: Refinement

The duration of this stage can be any where from short to long in length depending on how many additions or changes are needed. Usually minor text or design changes are completed at this point.

Stage 5: Deployment

Your website is made public on our servers. At this point if you need search engine promotion, we can provide this help to you. You will want to make press releases, begin adding your website address to business cards, coffee mugs, flyers, etc to help increase traffic to your site.